It’s a heart-warming track that sees its focus being Christ on one hand; but then on another hand Sita too could not miss being mentioned for she also had great love adoration towards him so much so that people who do not understand Hindi language can well relate with this song since it speaks about universal love in general terms explaining divine feelings involved when two people are genuinely attracted to each other without forcing anything upon them whatsoever no matter what may happen thereafter even unto death itself though all will return home sooner or later. The wording itself goes beyond being literal to take an emotional form showing how Sita felt as she sang praises (bhajans) to her lover God Rama.

Table of Contents

The Essence of the Bhajan

Janak Nandini is a bhajan in which Sita shows the deep feelings and respect she has for Lord Ram. A significant point at which Sita views Rama is hinted at by its very title. This state is as much about physical look as it is about spiritual connectivity and deep solemnity.

The words of the song portray the immense love in Sita’s heart as well as her complete trust in Ram. Yogis find in this hymn a perfect way to communicate their love for the godly couple, Ram and Sita.

The complete bhajan in original language

 राम को देख कर श्री जनक नंदिनी,
बाग में जा खड़ी की खड़ी रह गयी,
राम देखे सिया माँ सिया राम को,
चारो अँखिआ लड़ी की लड़ी रह गयी….

थे जनकपुर गये देखने के लिए,
सारी सखियाँ झरोकान से झाँकन लगी,
देखते ही नजर मिल गयी दोनों की,
जो जहाँ थी खड़ी की खड़ी रह गयी….

बोली है एक सखी राम को देखकर,
रच दिए है विधाता ने जोड़ी सुघर,
पर धनुष कैसे तोड़ेंगे वारे कुंवर,
सब में शंका बनी की बनी रह गयी….

बोली दूजी सखी छोटन देखन में है,
पर चमत्कार इनका नहीं जानती,
एक ही बाण में ताड़िका राक्षसी,
उठ सकी ना पड़ी की पड़ी रह गयी….

राम को देख कर श्री जनक नंदिनी,
बाग में जा खड़ी की खड़ी रह गयी,
राम देखे सिया माँ सिया राम को,
चारो अँखिआ लड़ी की लड़ी रह गयी….

Dissecting the Lyrics

The verses in “Ram Ko Dekh Kar Janak Nandini” are full of metaphors and traditional Indian poetic features. Let’s take a look at some important snippets from them in order to understand what they mean and how important they are.

“Ram ko dekh kar Janak Nandini, man mein basayi lehin”

As soon as Sita saw Ram, she knew that she loved him with all of her heart–from now until eternity, no doubt. Herds of wildlife united her with him immediately.

“Madhur muskan mukha par chhayi, prem ras bharan lagi”

Here, the lyrics bring out a sweet smile across Ram’s face spreading love nectar in Sita’s heart. The imagery is vivid, portraying an otherworldly love that people cannot comprehend.

“Aankhon se aankhon ka ho gaya milan, janmo janam ki preet jagi”

In this verse there is the contact of eyes that wakes up already experienced love. Here the main ideas are permanence of love and union of souls that had been waiting for each other forever.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance

For many, the bhajan is a lot of things that are beyond a mere song; It is a spiritual experience. It is commonly recited on religious gatherings, festivals such as Ram Navami and other devotee occasions. By voicing out thoughts about their lovers Sita and Ram, the hymns make devotees recall the perfections of love, dedication and virtue.


“Ram Ko Dekh Kar Janak Nandini” is a timeless piece of art that still inspires its listeners with its beauty and spiritual depth when they listen to Ram. Divine love celebrated in the bhajan between Ram and Sita is something you may not only listen but feel. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a true believer or just somebody interested in Indian religious songs. You will forever remember it at heart. We here at DreamIndia.In publish content like this that is in demand so keep coming back to our website.