setlist fm
setlist fm is a website as well as mobile application individuals utilize to locate and distribute setlists used during live performances and concerts. Particularly, this platform is useful for music enthusiasts interested in knowing the songs performed by their favorite artists in certain events or exploring common tracks on a band’s setlist. They can as well participate in by submitting their own setlist after these shows or searching for those setlists performed in earlier concerts.

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kind of work of setlist fm

Primarily, operates as an Internet site for people who are into music intending to identify, post, and save lists showing the order of songs played during live performances or concerts. Here are several main purposes of this project as well as its working mechanism:

Setlist Encyclopaedia-

It is a huge collection of different songs played in various concerts held world over comprising of different styles or artists like hip hop to rock. Members of an audience may wish to visit it in order to locate any particular songs played by their favorite bands on any given day, month or year in any location that they can remember.


Users can make contributions to by either adding setlists that they have attended personally or by researching and adding setlists from previous performances. Contribution from different individuals ensures that the setlist platform keeps growing its database in terms of setlists.”


One can use to find out the songs that musicians performed during concerts or identify the usual list of songs that their beloved bands played. This is beneficial for those who attend concerts as they may hear some of the songs expected of them as per the preceding events.

Community Interaction:

Users can talk to each other thorough commenting on set lists, sharing their memories about concerts and talking about their favorite songs or performances so that creates a sense of community among those who love live performances.

Accuracy and Verification:

Whenever you post information about the platform, keep in mind that anyone can contribute setlists. Moreover, to guarantee integrity and precision, implements some strategies. Still, quality is a priority for the moderators who have the right to verify or change any setlist.”

In general, is a useful tool for music enthusiasts who want to relive unforgettable concert moments, look for fresh songs by taking part in a shared memory of live performances.